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One year ago, my family noticed my behavior was changing and causing tension in our home. I was having trouble sleeping, getting 2-3 hours maximum a night. I developed constant head aches from the lack of sleep. I was anxious and sluggish and barely had any energy to complete any of my daily tasks. It was a very difficult time and I tried many things to overcome my inability to get a restful night’s sleep. It ranged from over the counter remedies to medicinal products that left me groggy and unable to function the next day. These dark times were a struggle which I believed would never get better.

In early 2019,  my husbands’ company, Viobin began extracting CBD Oil. At the time I knew very little about CDB and its uses. I researched extensively, and decided the benefits were factual, and began taking CBD oil regularly at bedtime to combat insomnia. I saw positive results immediately. Many of my family members, both immediate and extended, now take CBD regularly for a variety of symptoms including anxiety, inflammation & pain. The results for each have been remarkable – that is what inspired me to create my company MY3CBD.

After I saw how beneficial CBD oil was to me, I decided to explore more options involving CBD. In addition to the lack of sleep, I suffered from lower back pain & neck arthritis. After over the counter lotions and creams failed, I turned to CBD lotion. I found that rubbing CBD lotion on the problem areas had and immediate relief. I use CBD oil and therapeutic lotion on a daily basis. My quality of life has improved dramatically since using CBD products.

MY3CBD is 100% women owned, and began with the desire to to create a company dedicated to helping women and individuals while sharing the benefits of CBD through personal experience. 


Now I want to share my transformation with as many people as possible and bring my life changing experience to you!

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